First presidential debate to be moved from Indiana to Ohio due to COVID-19 concerns


The first presidential debate, scheduled for September, has been moved from Notre Dame University in Indiana to Case Western Reserve University in Ohio due to COVID-19 concerns. ~

The September 29th debate between President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden was initially set to take place at the South Bend, Indiana based University, but President Rev. John Jenkins released a statement explaining the University’s reason for their withdrawal. Jenkins explained that “the necessary health precautions would have greatly diminished the educational value of hosting the debate on our campus” (Notre Dame News). The debate will now take place at Case Western’s Samson Pavilion. Case Western officials say that the University’s partnership with the Cleveland Clinic will make hosting the event more feasible. Organizers are trying to mitigate all risk, including limiting crowd sizes, distancing chairs, and potentially removing an audience from the event. ~

This is not the first debate to change location this election cycle. The second debate, which is scheduled for Oct. 15, will now be held in Miami, after the University of Michigan withdrew from hosting the event last month. Despite worries that the debates will not be held at all, both presidential-hopefuls are eager to debate the other. The Trump Campaign is even pushing to add an additional debate, bringing the total number to four. The Biden Campaign was initially targeted after President Trump claimed that Biden was using the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid debating him. However, Biden has officially committed to attend the three scheduled debates, even if they have to be held online due to worries about COVID-19. Conversely, Trump has yet to confirm his attendance at the debates, as his campaign continues to attempt to alter the schedule and the moderators at the debates. His campaign requested that the debates start immediately after labor day, because the Coronavirus may prompt “early voting”. Additionally, they presented a new selection process for moderators that included both sides presenting their nominations, and striking some off the other’s list before agreeing. ~


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