Home of Federal Judge Esther Salas was the target of a gunman attack Sunday


The home of Federal Judge Esther Salas, who is currently overseeing a case associated with Jeffrey Epstein and Deutsche Bank, was the target of a gunman’s attack Sunday, killing her son Daniel, 20, and wounding her husband Mark Anderl, 63, a well-known criminal defense attorney (NBC New York). Although Mark remains in critical condition, Salas was not harmed during the attack, and was reportedly in the basement when the attacker knocked on the door (CBS). ~

The suspect involved in the shooting was recently identified as Roy Den Hollander, a Manhattan lawyer, who posed as a FedEx worker when he approached the home (ABC News). The suspect wore a FedEx uniform, a face mask, and drove an ordinary vehicle, and reportedly made the attack when Daniel opened the door and Mark Anderl responded to the commotion shortly behind him (ABC News). ~

In breaking news, suspect Roy Den Hollander’s body was found in a vehicle in upstate New York, reportedly killed by self-inflicted gunshot wounds. According to NBC, the FBI and the police are investigating whether the man “died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds and whether a gun at the scene was the one used to kill Judge Esther Salas’ son and wound her husband.” ~

Hollander is a self-proclaimed anti-feminist who has filed multiple lawsuits alleging that women in the United States get special treatment in violation of the Constitution (Hollander’s Website). In 2015, Hollander represented a woman who wanted to register for the military draft in a case before Salas, yet it remains unclear if the case had to do with the attack (ABC News). Salas was the first female Latinx federal judge in New Jersey and has overseen several high profile trials, including the trial of Teresa Giudice and a case involving the Grape Street Crips. ~

Salas is currently overseeing a class-action lawsuit from investors of Deutsche Bank who claim the company failed to monitor customers deemed “high-risk,” including late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who’s suicide in prison has sparked controversy and conspiracies on social media in the mainstream media ( Salas reportedly took on the case just days before the attack on her home (New York Post). ~

Many people are sending out support for the family, including Senator Robert Menendez, US Attorney Bill Bar, and Governor Phil Murphy ( Daniel Andrel’s Catholic University held a mass service for the family (ABC News). The FBI and the US Marshals Service is investigating the shooting (ABC News). ~


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