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Two million positive Coronavirus cases have now been reported in the United States


The epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic just hit another grim milestone Tuesday morning, as the World Health Organization reported that over two million positive Coronavirus cases have now been confirmed in the United States. Although the rate of positive cases continues to drop in 29 states amid reopening economies in much of the US, 21 states – including California, Texas, and Florida – have seen a climb in the rate of Coronavirus cases in the last week (Market Watch). According to ABC news, the DOW plunged over 1,850 points Thursday amid “worries over COVID-19 spikes and gloomy economic forecasts,” leaving many Americans – especially the 47 million who have filed for unemployment since the beginning of the pandemic – unsure of what to expect next in this unprecedented health and economic catastrophe. ~

According to data aggregated by John Hopkins University, there have now been 7,145,400 reported positive cases of COVID-19 around the globe – a rate of about 919 people per million – and 408,025 recorded deaths. Around the world, many countries who have previously struggled with combatting the Coronavirus pandemic have seen decreases in new daily cases in the last 60 days overall, including the US (2,048,913 cases, 114,833 deaths), the UK (291,409 cases, 41,279 deaths), Spain (242,707 cases, 27,136 deaths), Italy (236,142 cases, 34,167 deaths), Germany (186,530 case, 8,845 deaths), Turkey (173,036 cases, 4,746 deaths), and France (155,136 cases, 29,319 deaths) (ECDC). However, there are many major countries that are still seeing increases in cases over the period of the last 60 days, including Brazil (775,581 cases, 39,803 deaths), Russia (502,436 cases, 6,532 deaths), India (286,579 cases, 8,102 deaths), Peru (208,823 cases, 5,903 deaths), and Iran (180,156 cases, 8,584 deaths). ~

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, responding to the increase in the rate of COVID-19 cases in some states, stated that shutting the economy down for a second time is not a viable option. “We can’t shut down the economy again. I think we’ve learned that if you shut down the economy, you’re going to create more damage,” Mnuchin said in an interview on CNBC. ~

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