According to Statista, the daily death toll in 6 of the countries hit hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic (US, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany) has subsided significantly


In the United States, which has seen more cases and deaths than any country in the world, the daily death toll has steadily dropped since its climax of 2,600 deaths on April 21. On May 24, Italy recorded just 50 COVID-19 deaths, the fewest since March, while Spain recorded 74 deaths and France recorded only 35 deaths. Germany has also seen significantly lower death rates, as seen in the chart. Although the UK is now recording more deaths than its European neighbors, it is also experiencing a downwards trend in daily deaths. ~

According to the World Health Organization, there have been 5.44 million cases of COVID-19 around the world, over 345,000 deaths, and over 2.18 million people who have recovered from the disease. Along with the countries stated above, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, India, Iran, and Peru have all experienced over 100,000 cases of the virus as well. In China, where the Coronavirus originated, 82,985 cases have been reported, though many question the legitimacy of the numbers coming out of the Asian country. ~

The United States sits at 1,682,017 total cases of the Coronavirus and 98,129 total deaths as of May 25. As the daily death toll in the United States continues to remain over 1,000 deaths on average, the United States is expected to hit 100,000 deaths within the next couple days. ~

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