North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s health in question


As of Saturday afternoon, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s health is in question after a report from a US official that the Dictator underwent cardiovascular surgery earlier last week. The news of this procedure was first reported by Daily NK, an outlet in South Korea that works to provide information about the DPRK through quiet connections inside the state. Speculation has risen because these reports were accompanied by the leader’s absence at a key national holiday that commemorates the birth of his late grandfather and founder of the DPRK, Kim Il-Sung. It is important to note that North Korean State Media has reported multiple letters being sent to various world leaders including the Syrian, Cuban, and Zimbabwean presidents. ~

There are three conflicting major claims coming from media sources at this point in time. The first claim is that Kim Jong-Un is dead after delays by the surgeon in surgery which were caused by the leader’s obesity. Secondly, some news sources are reporting that Un is in a vegetative state, meaning he is brain-dead, due to complications from the surgery. There are also stories that say the leader is in perfect health and simply quarantining because of the current coronavirus pandemic, which would explain why he was absent from the celebrations. It is important to note that at this point there is no conclusive evidence that favors one of these theories over another. The North Korean state is notorious for its lack of media coverage and secrecy. ~

According to an exclusive story by Reuters, “three people familiar with the situation” have said that a team of Chinese doctors, medical experts, and state officials departed from Beijing on Thursday to investigate Kim Jong-Un’s health status. This delegation was sent amid the conflicting reports coming out of Western and Asian news sources. The team’s primary job is to advise the North Korean state if the leader is in “grave-danger” as has been reported. According to a US official as reported by CNN, the US is monitoring the situation very closely. President Trump commented on the situation, saying, “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-Un and I hope he’s okay.” ~

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