Governors begin easing quarantine restrictions amid growing unrest in their states

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Governors have begun to ease quarantine restrictions amid unrest within their states. The governors of Florida, Idaho, Vermont, and Wisconsin have all revised their current orders to allow some businesses to open under stringent social-distancing guidelines. These revisions look to encourage businesses that are able to work within the guidelines to reopen and start the process of reopening each state’s economy. Many of these changes also come as states lengthen their current social-distancing and stay at home orders. ~

According to local news, Jacksonville, Florida reopened some beaches to be used for exercise within the state’s social-distancing and stay at home regulations this last weekend. Idaho, which had one of the strictest stay at home orders in the country, amended its order mid-last week to include “businesses that are able to operate via curbside services, drive in, drive through pick up, mailed services or delivery services” as essential businesses (Idaho Official Government Website). According to phase one of Vermont Governor Phillip Scott’s plan to reopen the economy, which was announced over the weekend, “micro-crews” of construction workers consisting of two or less per job are allowed to start operating at sites. Commercial retailers can also begin operating online or by phone for pick-up orders only, with minimum staff on site, among other things. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers extended the state’s stay at home order from April 24th to May 26th but revised the list of minimum basic operations businesses in the latest release. ~

President Donald Trump presented a three-phase plan for states to reference as they look forward to lifting restrictions and returning to normalcy. The plan was released late last week at the coronavirus task force press conference under the operating name “Opening Up America Again.” Trump introduced the presentation of the plan by saying, “to preserve the health of our citizens, we must also preserve the health and functioning of our economy.” ~

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