Articles of impeachment to be transmitted to the Senate after a vote in the House Wednesday

The articles of impeachment have been transmitted to the Senate after a vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, according to Fox News. This resolution, which passed 228-193, was made largely along party lines and formally paves the way for impeachment, according to the New York times. Representative Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota is the only Democrat who joined every Republican in voting to discontinue the impeachment process. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced seven lawmakers who will serve as impeachment managers to prosecute the case against President Trump. ~

The vote to appoint the managers and adopt the articles on Wednesday was made about a month after the president was impeached by the House on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. According to Business Insider, Pelosi had been holding on to the articles in an attempt to extract favorable terms for the trial including a commitment on witnesses, but decided to go forth with the process after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear he was not willing to negotiate. When announcing the managers, Pelosi stated that the president’s legacy may be stained by the trial, referring to an “impeachment that will last forever.” Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, stated, “This is not a moment this body should be proud of. As Pelosi says, impeachment is a national civics lesson. Let’s use this blunder as a teachable moment.” ~

On Thursday the Senate will invite the impeachment managers to formally exhibit the articles. Once they do so, the Senate will summon Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to preside and all senators will take an oath to administer “impartial justice.” The Senate will now issue a summons for President Trump to inform him of the charges and request a response. The President encouraged Republicans to come to his defense during a signing ceremony for an initial trade deal with China on Wednesday, saying “I’d rather have you voting than sitting here listening to me introduce you. They have a hoax going on over there — let’s take care of it.” ~

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