American-backed militia in Syria claims Tuesday that it would attack Turkish forces if they invaded northeastern Syria

According to The New York Times, conflict in the Turkish-Syrian region may again escalate after the commander of the American-backed militia in Syria claimed Tuesday that it would attack Turkish forces if they invaded northeastern Syria. The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, indicated Tuesday that “such an operation was imminent” and that “the operation might happen before the news could be printed.” According to Turkish media, troops of the Turkish military were being shipped to the Syrian border to prepare for such an invasion, and the Defense Ministry of Turkey released a statement on Twitter Tuesday stating that arrangements for an incursion against Turkey “had been completed.” ~

The escalating tensions in the region come just a day after President Trump announced an agreement in which the White House would withdraw American troops from posts near two prominent Syrian towns near the border of Turkey, allowing for a Turkish operation against an American-backed militia in northeastern Syria. The Syrian militia, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, or S.D.F., allied with the United States to decimate the presence of the Islamic State in Syria, and has obtained a large area of land in Northeastern Syria near the border of Turkey. This has caused much conflict with the Turkish government, which considers the Syrian militia as a part of a threatening Kurdish guerilla movement, and has demanded a 20-mile-deep “buffer zone” along the border to protect from the threat of Kurdish forces (The New York Times, 2019). ~

Mazlum Kobani, commander of the Kurdish-led militia, stated in an interview Tuesday that the militia was “frustrated” by the White House’s decision to stand aside from the conflict. He also called on President Trump to “put pressure on their political and military leaders to stop the Turkish attack,” which he claimed would cause “big massacres.” Although Trump made it clear Sunday that the US would not interfere in a Turkish incursion, the President confused matters Monday after stating he would “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if Turkish forces carried out any “off limits” actions, but did not specify what these actions would entail. ~

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