Hong Kong to invoke emergency ordinance Friday for the first time in over 50 years in an effort to ban face masks at public protests

According to local news channel TVB, Hong Kong will invoke emergency ordinance for the first time in over 50 years in an effort to ban face masks at public protests. The call for such an action comes after a number of pro-China lawmakers in the Hong Kong region called for the ban Wednesday to prevent protesters from hiding their identity from police officers, and if enacted, would represent a dramatic escalation by Carrie Lamb and the Hong Kong government against their protesting citizens. It is expected that the ordinance, officially titled the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, will be put into effect after a special meeting of the city’s Executive Council this Friday. ~

According to Reuters and Bloomberg, the invocation of the emergency ordinance comes in direct response to violent demonstrations that raged through the city on October 1st, in which an 18-year-old was shot by a member of the Hong Kong police force for “rioting and assaulting” a police officer. The demonstrations came on the same day President Xi Jinping celebrated the 70th anniversary of Communist rule in Beijing. This action by the Hong Kong government is just the latest escalation in a surge of conflict that has been rising in the Hong Kong region. Hundreds of thousands of Hong-Kong demonstrators have been protesting for an autonomous Hong Kong Democracy from Chinese rule for 17 straight weeks in response to an indefinitely suspended extradition bill in June that would have allowed Hong Kong citizens to be sent back to mainland China to face trial. ~

According to The Straits Times, protest leaders have previously shown extreme disapproval for such an ordinance by the Hong Kong government, stating that the law is a form of martial law. These same leaders, identities not cited, state that the law “could give the government greater leeway to arrest citizens, censor publications, shut off communications networks and search premises without warrants, among other measures.” The law also states that it would give the Hong Kong government the power to implement any regulation it believes could help dissolve “an occasion of emergency or public danger.” ~

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