House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donal Trump will be launched in response to controversy over a July phone call in which the President may have pressured Ukraine’s newly elected leader to assist in damaging Biden’s election bid, using aid packages as leverage. The inquiry announcement was followed Wednesday by the release of the highly-anticipated phone call between the two presidents, as well as the handing-over of the whistleblower complaint to the House. ~

The announcement marks the first time in which Pelosi has embraced an impeachment inquiry and significantly escalates tensions between Democrats and the President. According to the Los Angeles Times, these tensions began last week after a whistleblower complaint brought attention to a phone call President Trump had with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July. Speculations regarding the phone call consisted of whether the President implicitly or explicitly pressured Ukraine’s president into investigating Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and whether he used $391 million of military aid as leverage. Although the summarized transcript of the phone conversation released by the Trump administration appears to show that the President specifically spoke about the possibility of Ukraine investigating Joe Biden, it does not appear as though Trump discussed military aid in any form. ~

According to ABC, the next step in the inquiry consists of six different congressional committees opening up investigations and putting together reports regarding the President’s conduct, followed by articles of impeachment being voted on by the House. Although the House Judiciary Committee hopes to finish the task by the end of the year, professor and political management program director Tim Belt claims that the time-frame will depend entirely on the willingness of the Trump administration to cooperate or compromise. Belt also explained how even if the house passed such a vote, the impeachment proceedings would still have to pass the Republican-led Senate. ~

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