New Trump Administration immigration rule announced Wednesday to allow government to detain immigrant families crossing the Southern border indefinitely

A new immigration rule announced Wednesday by the Trump Administration will allow the U.S. to detain immigrant families indefinitely through the duration of their asylum proceedings, superseding a two-decade old court settlement that, according to the Wall Street Journal, “limits how long migrant children can be held in custody and sets standards for their care.” This court settlement, known as the Flores agreement established in 1997 and readdressed during the Obama Administration, barred the government from keeping immigrant children and their parents from remaining in immigrant facilities for longer than twenty days. ~

This new rule comes in response to the Trump Administration’s battle with how to handle a surge in families fleeing Central America and attempting to claim asylum or illegally enter the United States. According to Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of homeland security, over 475,000 immigrants have crossed the Southern border illegally since last October, which is up almost 107,000 immigrants from the previous U.S. fiscal year. Because of the Flores agreement, providing this many immigrants with suitable standards of care and having a twenty day timeline to evaluate their asylum cases have posed a difficult challenge for immigrant facilities at the border. Trump administration officials claim that the new policy is intended to discourage immigrant families from crossing the border together, who in the past, they argue, have immigrated to the U.S. “in the belief that they will gain an advantage in lodging their asylum claims because of the current detention limits for children,”  (Wall Street Journal, 2019). Immigration-rights groups, however, were in outrage of the new immigration rule, with stating that, “This new rule flies in the face of years of clear direction from the courts, and follows this administration’s disturbing pattern of attempting to restrict or outright eliminate legitimate pathways for immigrants to come to the United States legally.” ~

It is likely that the policy will face immigration-rights advocates who will challenge the new immigration policy in federal court, preventing the rule from immediate implementation. ~

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