Thousands of Puerto Rican protesters demand Governor Rosselló’s resignation Monday

According to the Wall Street Journal, tens of thousands of protesters “swarmed a major highway” Monday in the latest Puerto Rican demonstration calling for Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation. Local media sources of the U.S. territory claim to have compared the demonstration with those in recent years and have called it as one of the biggest in Puerto Rican history. ~

The demonstrations calling for the governors resignation come in response to the leak of almost 900 pages of “vulgar messages” between Governor Rosello and his advisors, as well as recent indictments of two former high-ranking officials. Protestors displayed their extreme disapproval for these messages, which local media claim to have included antigay, sexist, and violent conversations. The struggles between Puerto Rican citizens and their Governor also come amidst a societal struggle to recover from the 2017 Hurricane Maria and the government’s supreme-court-supervised bankruptcy. ~

In a video released Sunday by the Puerto Rican government, Governor Rosselló reaffirmed that he intended to not resign from his position, and that he would serve out the rest of his term. He did say, however, that he would not run for re-election in 2020. It remains unclear what the future of Puerto Rico will look like. Some protesters claim to want statehood with the United States, while others claim they want to remain sovereign and create a corruption-free democracy for Puerto Rico. Hector Díaz, a 21-year-old student from the southern municipality of Ponce, stated Monday “I think for too many decades we’ve been subjected to a government of corruption, of abuse, a government that doesn’t look after the people and only looks after its own interests. This is the generation that’s going to stand up against corruption, against what for decades has destroyed our country.” ~

This is Fact Based America – WE have the FACTS. YOU have the OPINIONS. What do you think will come from the Puerto Rican protests? Do you think Governor Rosselló will buckle under the pressure and resign?

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